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Ventilation Hotraco Environment Climate Computers, Chimeys, and Electrical Integrated Panels are a must for bird, hog and cow comfort, along with decreasing energy costs to the producer. Check out the SmartFlow ventilation system for a more precisely regulated system. Hogs Confinement Equipment We offer a great variety of gestation stalls, farrowing crates, gating, penning and […]

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Schauer Electronic Sow Feeding System

AP and Schauer have partnered to bring you Electronic Sow Feeding – the better way to feed sows. With a variety of new management options that target vaccination, heat detection, reproductive efficiency, nutritional supplementation and animal movement, ESF is a versatile staple for any operation. Whether a single feeder operation,10,000 sow farm, or any size […]

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SmartFlow Ventilation System

Hotraco Agri’s new SmartFlow ventilation system uses a new measuring method that enables ventilation to be regulated more precisely than ever, even when only minimum ventilation is required. The system bases its measurements on pressure differences, which eliminates the need for a measuring fan in the pig compartments. How does the SmartFlow System work? Hotraco […]

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SmartWinch air inlet motor

The SmartWinch is a 24V winch motor, specifically designed for opening and closing air inlets. With clever features and accessories, the SmartWinch is the ideal air inlet motor for the poultry and pig farming sectors. SmartWinch Features The SmartWinch is a 24V AC/DC winch motor controlled by a 0-10V signal. With a peak torque of […]

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Fortica: The Next-generation Poultry computer

Hotraco Agri launches next-generation poultry computer Introducing: Fortica. Radically different from previous platforms and existing technologies, Hotraco Agri is setting a new standard in design, versatility, power and user-friendliness. Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the poultry farming sector and on the proven technology of its existing Orion computer, Hotraco Agri is now […]

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