MultiWinch 2

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Opening and closing air inlets.

The Multi Winch 2 is a 24V winch motor, specifically designed for opening and closing air inlets. With clever features and accessories, the MultiWinch 2 is the ideal air inlet motor for the poultry and pig farming sectors.

MultiWinch 2 Features

The SmartWinch is a 24V AC/DC winch motor controlled by a 0-10V signal. With a peak torque of 160 kg, it can easily control all air inlet valves. Unique HotButtons make it easy to set up the Multi Winch 2 and accurately determine positions – no weak feedback potentiometers or tricky limit switches are necessary. Moreover, the brushless motor operates according to the step motor principle: if the next step is not reached, an alarm sounds.

Mechanical Accessoires

Depending on the application, the MultiWinch 2 can be equipped with various drums and accessories that make it even easier to install and operate. The MultiWinch 2 comes with a cable drum and a single or double belt drum. Additional accessories include a mounting plate, a hand winch and an operating switch.

Electronic Accessories

The PS-100 power supply unit is available for one or two motors. When in AUTO mode, the MultiWinch 2 is operated by the control signal on the central computer. When in MAN mode, the MultiWinch 2 can be operated from 0 to 100% using the rotary button.

An emergency power supply (HNO-PS) ensures that the MultiWinch 2 can be operated in emergency mode in case of power failure or the alarm switch is disconnected. This is done through an open or closed position or using a manual position set on the PS-100.