SmartFlow Ventilation

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Hotraco Agri’s SmartFlow ventilation system

Hotraco Agri’s new SmartFlow ventilation system uses a new measuring method that enables ventilation to be regulated more precisely than ever, even when only minimum ventilation is required. The system bases its measurements on pressure differences, which eliminates the need for a measuring fan in the pig compartments.

How does the SmartFlow System work?

Hotraco SmartFlow works by measuring differences in pressure using a negative pressure sensor that can easily be installed on the central duct. The computer determines the quantity of displaced air in an exhaust duct by measuring the difference in air pressure between the compartment and the central duct. If this quantity is low, the computer will automatically close the regulation valve in the exhaust duct and vice versa.

Hotraco Agri’s SmartFlow system for pig farming anticipates market demands. In recent years, the need for a simple and reliable ventilation system without a measuring fan or other moving parts, which can easily become corroded by ammonia or humidity, has become very apparent. SmartFlow perfectly combines intelligent software, ease of operation and optimum animal welfare.

The advantages of SmartFlow

Outside weather influences are kept to a minimum and ventilation is precision-controlled. There is no longer any need to maintain the minimum airflow speed of 0.5 m/s for a measuring fan. A conventional measuring fan can become polluted, causing deviations to appear in the measurements taken. This can lead to faulty ventilation with regard to the amount of air supplied, bringing the risk of disease with it and the associated higher medicine use and costs per animal.

  • Precise and reliable measurements based on pressure differences (also at low air quantities)
  • No minimum airflow speed necessary in the exhaust duct
  • Impervious to outdoor weather conditions at minimum ventilation
  • As the negative pressure in the compartment is always right, the proportion of fresh air reaching the animals is optimal and toxic fumes are properly discharged
  • Easy to operate, clear menu structure
  • Extremely low maintenance, as measuring fans in the pig compartment are no longer necessary