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Innovative technologies for ventilation to achieve best farming experience.


Hotraco Agri launches next-generation poultry computer Introducing: Fortica. Radically different from previous platforms and existing technologies, Hotraco Agri is setting a new standard in design, versatility, power and user-friendliness.

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Multi Winch 2

The SmartWinch is a 24V winch motor, specifically designed for opening and closing air inlets. With clever features and accessories, the SmartWinch is the ideal air inlet motor for the poultry and pig farming sectors.

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Hotraco Environment Climate Computers, Chimeys, and Electrical Integrated Panels are a must for bird, hog and cow comfort, along with decreasing energy costs to the producer.

Feeding Pans

This FLUXX broiler feeding system not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks but also those of heavy birds during their final growing period. How is this possible? During the first days of the growing period, the patent-pending 360 degree flooding feature ensures a high feed level all the way around the pan – and all this without extra work!

As birds grow, the entire feed line is causing the flooding mechanisms to close and thus decreasing the feed level in the pans. The seven baffles integrated in the feed drop prevent the birds from throwing feed from side to side. Feed waste is therefore minimized very effectively.

Depending on your requirements, different models are available. Hygiene is obviously of high importance, so just direct the high pressure cleaner into the feed pan so that it starts to rotate. The feed pan can then be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

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Nipple Drinkers

To achieve the optimum performance from your birds, it is extremely important to provide fresh water. To achieve this, a reliable water supply must be available. It has to be free from contamination and within easy reach of the birds. Our drinking systems offer pressure control, nipple tubes, and swiveling aeration with water level indicator. The water delivery systems include nipple drinkers with or without drip cup, and round drinkers for open water. Cable winches are used, so it’s easy to adjust the height of the drinking units.

Choosing the right system depends on the nature of the birds, on the field of use, on the situation in the house and any other requirements you may have. Please check with our highly qualified staff to find out what suits your needs best. For more details and other broiler equipment, please contact us.