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We have a wide variety of solutions for hogs. Check out the gallery below.


Hotraco Environment Climate Computers, Chimeys, and Electrical Integrated Panels are a must for bird, hog and cow comfort, along with decreasing energy costs to the producer. Check out the SmartFlow ventilation system for a more precisely regulated system.

Hogs Confinement Equipment

We offer a great variety of gestation stalls, farrowing crates, gating, penning and accessories. All caging materials assure quality, with long lasting finishes that is durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.


Through a Pig flow set up with our scale, it’s easy to weigh your hogs. The computer will show numbers of animals of various weights, the average daily gain can easily be measured, as well as an average. This helps to create market projections.


We can install various automatic feeders for piglet rearing and pig finishing as well as large groups. All automatic feeders can be used for pellets, granules or meal and can be supplied to accommodate any type of dry feed system either automatically or manually. The feeders can be mounted onto a partition or self supporting in the pen. Ask our experts for the best possible solution for you. Check out the top of the line new Schauer Electronic Sow Feeding System as well as the Flow Hammer and SMARTflex.

Floor Systems

The hogs flooring systems we use, meet our customers’ high demand for hygienic, productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly housing. Due to great flexibility of our modular system, it is possible to create any possible pen design and size. From plastic slats with cast iron slat or an integrated rubber mat and heated pads for piglets. We are always able to offer the best possible solution for your needs.